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Frequently asked questions

Hi, my name is Morrie. I am the owner/operator of Reflection Perfection and have over 10 years experience in the auto detailing industry and have a passion for cars and restoring them back to their natural beauty. I know what it takes to bring a car from looking lifeless and dull to a brilliant and protected shine. Having been educated in the field of detailing (Tafe Courses) and studying the very high end detailers over seas, I have never stopped learning and always looking to better myself and the skillset I possess. I am regularly contacted by other detailers both here and abroad for advice and pride myself in sharing my knowledge as to help others do the best they can with the services they provide. I do not discriminate on the type of cars I perform work on. Your pride and joy is my pride and joy for the time it is with me. High end exotic, or your daily driver, the same effort and time goes into it. Detailing at a high level is not for the faint hearted, its not as simple as picking up a machine and starting to polish there is so much more involved in making a vehicle spectacular!

Many people think that car washing and car detailing are the same thing. In fact both are very different. A simple car wash will remove the dirt that the car accumulates, but will not protect or enhance the finish. It will not protect it from fallout, the sun or acid rain. Detailing restores the beauty in the car’s finish and protects from harmful contaminants. Not only will detailing protect and preserve the exterior but a full detail will insure the interior is also protected. Anyone can wash a car but only a select few have the skill to complete a detail.

Only the very best products are used on your vehicle. We proudly use product ranges from HD, Angelwax, Scholl, Menzerna, Meguires Pro Line, Lake Country, Flex, Rupes. We are also very proud to be official applicators of Ceramic PRO and Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum ceramic coating ranges. These very high end Ceramic Coatings are not just given to anyone but only a select few that the distributors have full confidence in. Thank you for taking the time to visit the website, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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